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Hiroshi Kajioka, PhD
  1. Development and sales of optical measurement system
  2. Measurement system for optical communications technology consultant
  3. Consultant on business entry associated fiber optics

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Ph.D. (Kyoto University) Hiroshi Kajioka


In the season of winter, I am delighted with your health and prosperity still more.
Thank you very much for usually keeping in exceptional friendship.
Now, we have resumed the homepage which had stopped updating long.
We show the technical paper lists and reports of the major international conferences on photonics and opto-electronics and our own making technical reports on such as bio-medical application of fiber lasers.
Our company will harness the experience in actual business of the fiber optics for 35 years, and will provide various services for you from now on also based on the newest technology and market trend investigation.
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Education & Career

H. Kajioka graduated the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of Yokohama National University in 1971.
He received the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering from Kyoto University, Japan in 1773 and 1984, respectively. He joined Hitachi Cable, Ltd. in 1973. (26 years)

He joined Santec in 1999. (1 year)

He established Global Fiberoptics, Ltd. in 2000. (12 years)


1993-R&D-100-Winning-Product: Fiber Optic Gyroscope for automotive navigation systems.

10-Big-New-Products-Prize in 1982 for the development of polarization maintaining optical fiber from Nikkan Kougyo Newspaper in Japan.


Has published over 50 papers which include 8th ECOC, OFC'88, SPIE(in 1991 and 1996) ,IEEE , Applied Optics and IECE of Japan.
He talked three invited and one plenary and chaired twice in major international SPIE conferences.
He has co-authored chapter in Optical Fiber Sensing Technologies published from Wiley in 2000.
He is a R&D adviser of Japan Photonic Council.


More than 60 which include specialty optical fiber such as an elliptical core PMF, fiber optic device such as in-line polarizer, fiber optic gyroscope and unique fiber optic device applicable to DWDM systems such as an interleaving device.
Most recent registered patent is a patent on optical rotation sensor on fiber ring interferometer.


Handbook of Optical Fiber Sensing Technology, Chapter 28,"Fiber Optic Gyroscope for Industrial Applications", Wiley

The main career

  1. In Hitachi Cable, he engaged in research and product development of an optical fiber, an optical cable, an optical device, and optical sensing system relation over 25 years.
    He has 35 years experienced on fiberoptics.
  2. He commercialized PM fiber for the first time in the world.(The major Showa 58 Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun 10 new product prize award)
  3. He devised a novel method, scattering matrix method, to analyse the transmission bandwidth of the mode coupled multimode optical fiber. His theory was proved in the actual field.
  4. He took part in the project of fiberoptic gyroscope for industrial applications and succeeded in mass-production for the first time in the world.
    10,000 sets were adopted in the car navigation system for luxury cars of Toyota Motor. It was nominated for the 100th new product in the 1993 fiscal year.
  5. He talked the keynote presentation entitled "Commercialization of the fiber gyros for industrial applications." at the SPIE 20th anniversary conference of fiber gyro in 1996.
  6. He is also a CEO of Global Herosystems, Inc. which he established in 2010 in San Jose, CA, USA.
  7. He is a R&D adviser of the Japan photonics Council which is NPO of government authorization.

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