35years experience on optical fiber, device and sensor systes

About the optical fiber gyro

Rotation sensor with the accuracy of less than 0.01deg/hour

Application of fiber optic gyro

1. Development and sales of nonlinear related module

We are developing a novel interferometric fiber sensor for bio-medical applications.

■SHG modules based on waveguide PPLN
Special wavelength is available. Feel free to contact us.
■Fiber lasers
Special colors such as blue,yellow,orange and red are available.
Feel free to contact us.

2. Consulting on optical fiber sensor systems

We will support customers to become world-wide supplier of fiber optic sensor systems.

For this purpose, we watch the technical trend of the world fiberoptic market, attending four major international conference on fiberoptics,laser, photonics and optoelectronics.

Consulting to create the new business on fiberoptics.

35years experience on fiberoptics will support customers to enhance their current business and to create the new business in the field of fiberoptics such as optical sensor systems.

Technical support to the customer's specific project

We propose the idea about the application of customer's own developing technology. Please do not hesitate to contact.

3. Sales of technical reports

Technical reports are basically not for sale.
If you are interested in some of the following repsorts, feel free to contact us.

Click to technical report

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